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Google Plus – YouTube Integration: Good or Evil?

Google have been moving forward in their quest to integrate your entire online experience into a single platform – and the latest Google plus integration has been causing some headaches to say the least. We don’t mean to worry you, but your future sanity could...

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Look Who’s Talking Now (on social media)

How should you judge someone an influencer or worthy of engaging with on social media? There are a plethora of tools out there that can help; Klout, PeerIndex, Social Mention, Social Sprout… The question is how genuinely useful is the scoring? Someone who has a...

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Profile Image Sizes for Facebook, Twitter and Google+

We get asked a lot what size images are needed for various social media platforms – so we’ve compiled a list! Here’s the relevant dimensions for your profile pictures, banners and wallpapers on Facebook, Twitter and Google +. FacebookImage: Facebook DevelopersProfile picture: Upload as 180 x...

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Drupal Developer Edinburgh

We're on the look out for an experienced Drupal developers to work with us delivering great sites and online solutions to our clients.You must have 2+ years Drupal experience You should have Drupal 6 & 7 knowledge and be eagerly anticipating 8. You will be able to...

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Funnel Vision: Understanding Digital Attribution Channels

Remember a time when marketing was all about the funnel? The potential customer moved through a prescribed set of stages to reach a pinnacle (seemingly the end of their journey) – the sale. Unfortunately for the traditionalists out there, the digital revolution has shaken up this model to the point where the funnel is well and truly broken. The stages in the buying process don’t fit quite so neatly anymore, and understanding how different attribution channels affect conversion is now key.

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Passwords Security: Protecting Your Online Assets

Image: Mashable

Twitter, Evernote, LinkedIn – some of the big names making headlines in recent months for password breaches. The hackers are getting smarter, and it’s not as hard as you think to crack a password, meaning it’s more important than ever to protect your online assets with a strong password. Don’t believe me? Read this article by Nate Anderson, a tech writer who became a hacker in one day using a macbook and a bunch of online software.

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