Prodigy Living App


Collecting data at fairs and open days can be a chore. Allowing people to write their names on paper or typing into a laptop increases data errors.  Loosing a lead because of a typo was something that Prodigy Living wanted to avoid. They also wanted to implicitly communicate their brand through this first point of contact.We suggested a data input app which could sit on each iPad for the student houses across the UK. The look and feel implicitly communicates brand values through utilising photography and clean UX.


We developed the app so that it would sync with a remote lead capture database. Prodigy Living staff can name their event and the agents from the app.  On a lead being generated the app will sync on submission.  In order to mitigate against issues with potential wifi or mobile data issue, the app will store records locally until a handshake with the remote server is established. This can be done on the next submission, later in the event or when the event is over.


The app has proved popular with the marketing team and house managers across the UK, being used for fairs and university open days.



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