Social Media

Google+ Has a lot to Offer Business

According to the media, Google+ is a social media platform which is either full of tumbleweed or bigger than Twitter. Launched in 2011, it already has 100 million authenticated users and a further 300 million activated accounts. While it’s still far behind Facebook’s 1 billion...

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How to Search Twitter

Handy Search Operators for Twitter. Twitter is vast; over 500million accounts with top tweeting cities being Jakarta, Tokyo and London. A font of wisdom, fun, the mundane and the plain bizarre, Twitter is the world in microcosm.. and then some.Despite this, many people's experience of navigating...

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Useful Twitter Directories

Useful Twitter Directories Twitter Directories – they're numerous on the web and growing. So what’s the benefit? Not only do they allow you to find new friends and increase traffic to your page, such directories can provide incredibly useful insights into your Twitter reach and reputation...

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