Giving Charities a Boost Online

This week Google announced a new partnership with the Media Trust and the Charity Technology Trust, which aims to boost online charity fundraising in the UK. The ‘Grow Your Charity Online’ initiative will help 30,000 smaller charities increase their marketing effectiveness online by offering them...

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BBC Closes Ceefax

The End of Ceefax A long-anticipated end of the teletext era is here – as yesterday Ceefax, the BBC teletext service aired its last, in conjunction with BBC Northern Ireland's switch to digital this week.First aired in 1974, Ceefax was a forerunner of digital TV and domestic internet...

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Professional Skype Etiquette: 10 Tips

Professional Skype Etiquette: 10 Tips More and more people are using Skype as a tool for communication in the workplace for the many benefits it offers. Instant messaging allows small queries with colleagues to be dealt with quickly, while video calls allow you to develop relationships...

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