Friends Reunited Relaunch

Friends Reunited Relaunch

12 years since its original launch, British-founded social networking site Friends Reunited is back with a new look focusing on nostalgia and the idea that one can build a museum of their own life; “It’s not just old school… it’s EVERY blast from the past”.

Friends Reunited was originally launched in 2000 as networking site aiming to reunite old school friends. The British-based site enjoyed some success but soon faced stiff competition from American rivals Facebook and saw a major drop-off in subscribers. In 2010 brightsolid Online Innovation bought the company, and have proceeded to over-hall the old format, clearly borrowing influences from several current trend sites like pinterest and tumblr ,not least the new Facebook timeline. It allows users to document significant events in their life through photos and other posts.

While some aspects of Friends Reunited may be familiar to the seasoned social networker, its uniqueness perhaps lies in the combination of professional archive content and the user’s ability to upload their own memories. For example, their collaboration work with the British Library and the press association allows users to attach press clippings to their timeline.

Despite brightsolid claiming that they have found a niche in the marketing, not everyone is excited about this re-launch. In an interview with the BBC, social media business consultant Lee Bryant said that the site offered “nothing new” and that Facebook would “pick related business models and just absorb them when the time is right.”

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